Monday, January 28, 2013

Chokwé Floods – News From our brave technician Hilario

Hilario, an ALG technician in SVP and  Uni Sponsored student, 
on happier days before the 2013 floods

The ALG Local Technician Hilario is still recovering from his wound and sounds more cheerful. He manages to stay in his own house though it is partially destroyed. At the time of this report he had some food left with him. He also reports a problematic hygienic situation as the flood waters have been stagnated for days now, the smell is becoming unbearable and sanitary conditions deteriorate.

Hilario tells us some people have died when they tried to go to their vegetable fields before the floods to check on the rice crops.  When the waters rose they were stranded and several took refuge on top of the trees. After days without food, some of the more fragile and elderly ones gave up on their fight and were dragged by the waters.

There is widespread fear as the population awaits the dams in South Africa to be opened once again…

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