Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 8: Eight years growing with ALG

After 8 years, children from the Escolinha do André (“EA”) school that were supported by the Sponsoring programme ran by our sister charity UPG Portugal grew up and left the school. These children typically attend the Escolinha until the 5th grade and continue their studies in state schools near the area where they live. They would regularly come to receive our support in the EA as “external” children, always under the supervision of the Dominican sisters.

In 2016, ALG took direct responsibility for the “external” students in André’s Pre-school. We believe that this change allows us to monitor the children more closely and provide a more customized support during this difficult phase when many students consider abandoning school. At the same time, the Dominican Sisters can dedicate their full attention exclusively to the children in André’s Pre-school.

The support provided to the children focuses on Education. Our sister charity annual sponsoring fee finances enrolment fees, school material, school expenses, uniforms, guard, as well as extra support for healthcare and hygiene, according to the children’s needs. We have 38 Sponsored children we hope to continue to witness their successful growth!

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