Saturday, December 17, 2016

Day 17: Full bellies learn better!

ALG After Class Study Centres are educational spaces to provide academic support to youngsters in school age, after classes. This support is free and provided in underprivileged communities with low schooling rates.

In 2016, ALG decided to strengthen the snack in SVP, and started to provide a meal with rice and beans. In SLM, the snack is composed of bread or cookies and juice, since children also benefit from the School Feeding Programme similarly financed by ALG. 

With £833 in SLM (Santa Luísa de Marillac) and £2.151 in SVP (São Vicente Paulo) – an average amount of £10 student/year – ALG finances assistant teachers for after-school follow-up (focusing on subjects such as Portuguese and Maths), occasional school materials and a daily snack; an essential factor to guarantee children’s attendance. 

In After Class Study Centres, a lot has happened during this last year! Volunteer Adriana made teaching more dynamic and taught our children many fun and different facts. In SLM, during the snack period, children learned basic health and hygiene habits which help to prevent diseases. In SVP, where we provide a warm and comforting lunch, children’s creativity was explored and they drew animals using the shape of their hands to create different figures. The guaranteed result was: lots of smiles!

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