Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 12: Mum Noémia proud of her stand and new house

ALG’s team visits to the ground always originate stories and testimonials which fill us with pride and that we have to share with the everyone who support us and believes in our work.
Noémia, is the mother of UPG Sponsored child Talita, she’s HIV positive but she has been monitored and treated since 2013. Due to her fragile health condition, mum Noémia can only do a few cleaning jobs, laundering and other light activities, which were not enough to help supporting her 4 children. After the 2013 floods, mum Noémia started to be supported by the Income Generation Project in S. Vicente de Paulo, a small financial help to be able to create a small local sale business. 3 years later, during ALG’s visit, we were surprised to see what was achieved by this mum. Thanks to the success of her stand, mum Noémia managed to start building a house for her family. Although it is not concluded, this mum is an example of struggle and for this ALG helped this mum again with materials to finish the construction of her home and improve her family’s life.
The Income Generation Project in S. Vicente de Paulo was launched with the profits from the first crops distributed by ALG for the farming plot in SVP, right after the 2013 floods. After taking a few items to strengthen lunch for After School Support classes, a share of the revenues from this farming plot, is invested in these small-scale businesses for our mums. Since 2013 we have helped 12 mums and every single one of them are true examples to follow and ALG is so proud of all of them!
2016 brought us lots of news, one of them is a long-cherished project for ALG: the relaunch of the income generation project for 11 mums of UPG Sponsored children.
This mums (and two dads) are true entrepreneurs, whom ALG helps by financing small individual, family or community businesses, to encourage entrepreneurship in the rural communities and contribute for the family economic independence.
Supporting the income generation initiatives is to contribute for better living conditions for several families. 
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