Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 10:  Nataniel spreads smiles at HIV Day Centre  

We have a new boy in the HIV Day Centre! Nataniel is 7 years old and arrived in October because he’s HIV infected and needs our support. With the crisis and draught Nataniel’s mother, also seropositive, had to look for other jobs to be able to care for her 3 children. The father is deceased and the mother is the family’s only source of income. Nataniel and his mother are monitored by the Vincentian Sisters Daughters of Charity at the Carmelo Hospital. After being integrated in the HIV Day Centre where he has an adequate nutrition, access to school and can play with other children, Nataniel has a huge smile on his face every day.

When he arrived at the centre Nataniel did not speak Portuguese, only the local dialect “changana”. He was too embarrassed and shy, he didn’t play much with the other children and he was even more isolated because he did not speak the official language. Now he’s learning Portuguese to be enrolled in the 1st grade in 2017. The other children at the Centre welcomed their new friend with open arms! Now they all play together and are very committed in teaching Portuguese to little Nataniel. A beautiful sharing story for this Christmas!

The HIV Day Centre is a very ambitious project in SLM embraced by ALG in the end of 2013. It provides a full customized programme to HIV/AIDS infected children in an area where the disease has a strong incidence. With an annual cost of c.£26'113 or £67/month per child in 2016, this programme guarantees adequate nutrition, controlled medication and constant medical assistance for 32 children. With this Centre ALG wishes to relief local poverty and provide a dignified and healthier childhood to seriously ill children. With future capacity for 50 children, in 2016 the Centre welcomed 32 children on a daily basis. Children at the centre are still HIV infected but they are stronger, cherished, loved, fit to study and very, very playful!

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