Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 4: If Miliona was President…

During an activity promoted in the After-School Support Course, UPG sponsored children were asked what they would like to change in their country if they were Presidents of Mozambique. Each one wrote an essay, but Miliona’s inspired us particularly:
If I was President of Mozambique I would change everything i.e. build schools, hospitals, banks, stores, churches, roads, bridges, markets and gardens. I would change the prices in stores because they are too high. 

  • I would have more desks made for children to study;
  • I would increase the number of teachers in schools;
  • In recess, every child would eat, because many orphan children don’t have anything to eat and are homeless;
  • I would build homes for orphan children;
  • I would increase the number of doctors in hospitals;
  • Everyone should be treated with love and tenderness;
  • I would increase the number of hospitals; each Province would have 10 and each District 5 hospitals;
  • Every mother and father would receive food for their children and for themselves;
  • In the mines, every worker would receive a better salary, I would increase the work tools, and they would be provided with adequate clothes;

I would also increase fishing materials – fishing nets. I would invest the money in banks because most people do not save their money in banks. They dig a hole, put their money there and end up losing it.

In the two larger schools running ALG´s programmes - SLM and SVP - a total of 281 students attend After-School support classes. From £11 per month, per child, we manage to secure an adequate daily school follow-up after classes, reinforcing Portuguese and Mathematic subjects, with a monitor, and providing a snack or lunch which stimulates the students’ attendance.

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