Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 2: Warm bread and cakes in SLM

In SLM every morning we feel the aroma of warm bread and cake in the air, just out of the oven! Sister Antónia and a few UPG Sponsored children prepare everything to have the first batch ready around 8am. The older and more responsible girls carry the bread and cakes in trays beyond the school gates. They go to the next-door Market where they are expected by many customers. The bread sells out fast, and the cakes follow. The girls come back to repeat the process in a few hours, they have fixed customers that rely on them.
The bread making activities were launched in 2015 as ALG invested funds to launch several technical courses in the school. The curse soon became self-sustainable and a success for the children and community who rely on fresh bread and warm cakes from the School. Some children are even already using Sister Antónia’s recipes to bake at home and sell cakes to the neighbours. This is the goal of technical courses – to ensure that children acquire technical skills to be self-sufficient, without dropping out of school to provide for their family.

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