Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 7: Line MZ by ALG – Warm colours that fill your heart

This year ALG decided to invest in a Merchandising line which is a little bit different. Inspired by the Mozambican colours and materials we created MZ by ALG Line – a modern crafty line, made with love. Currently, we have four products: big bags made of straw, clutches, wood bracelets lined with capulanas (traditional Mozambican fabric) and pillows.

It is a 100% solidary line bursting with African colours, that fill our heart! 100% of the sales profit (net of seamstresses’ expenditures in Portugal, labels and packaging) revert to our 2500 children in Mozambique!

Throughout the year, we were in Spot Market in Amoreiras, and in the Stylista Summer and Winter Markets where we raised c.£2'532. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

You can buy Line Mz by ALG here!

ALG has been offering this festive calendar to all ALG Friends since 2011. This year, you can also print a high definition version for only 1£! Donate here

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