Sunday, December 6, 2015

6th: ALG Charity Challenges keep on giving!

ALG Challenges keep on surprising us. This year we saw ALG friends going for a Cause to Celebrate like Manuel SV who dedicated his birthday party to the little ones in Pre-Schools; or Virgínia C who gave a new hut to Marcelino. A Plen team ran two half-marathons to finance the University Scholarship for teacher Eduardo. The D’Orey Group accepted our challenge and is hosting the Tupperware Challenge, through which the symbolic value of a meal in the canteen or close by the office is exchanged for a “Tupperware lunch” to benefit the SLM School Meals.
Thank you to all these ALG Friends for their initiative and strength to support our cause! Among friends and family, in a party environment, stimulating competition between school classes or just spending a fun afternoon in a company with a strong social responsibility. ALG Challenges give these ambassadors the opportunity to raise funds while they dedicate themselves to a generous, dynamic and usually fun initiative.

We have plenty of examples for you. Do you want to organise an ALG Challenge – Charitable Gourmet, Athlete for a Cause or A Cause to Celebrate? ALG helps with the organization and to make your Challenge a success! Contact us at

ALG has been offering this festive calendar to all ALG friends since 2011. This year you can also print a high definition version for only 1£!

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