Saturday, December 12, 2015

12th: School Feeding – A huge success in SLM!

SLM School Feeding Programme, one of ALG’s most ambitious programme, ALG embarked in after the tragic floods of 2013, continues to grow. This Project not only improves school attendance rates, through the free meals incentive, but also improves school results reducing hunger during classes. It also promotes gender equality since girls no longer have to stay home to cook for their brothers. Meals are served at the SLM school where UPG Portugal already sponsors 120 extremely underprivileged children under the supervision of Sister Flora.
Every day, for £27’727 per year, or £3 per child per month, 800 children, between 7 and 18 years old, receive a free and nutritious lunch in the school patio. Free meals increase school attendance, school results and the joy of previously undernourished children at home. Happy the 800 children reduce huge pots of food to nothing. Lunch is a true success in SLM!
School meals in SLM relieves local poverty in Manjangue and promotes an educated childhood for extremely underprivileged children.
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