Saturday, December 19, 2015

18th: In SLM the children no longer eat on the floor!

This year ALG managed to advance one more step and fulfil the dream of a whole school community, specially our lovely Sister Lidia’s, through the construction of a School Canteen in the facilities of Santa Luísa de Marillac School.

Daily at the SLM School, c. 800 children have a meal on the ground, under a tree and vulnerable to dust and wind. On rainy days, it requires lot of logistics because every child has to eat inside the classrooms or under the roof, sitting on the ground.

The construction work began by the end of June and the new Canteen is shaping up. Our children will have dignified and healthy conditions to eat their meals. They no longer have to eat on the floor and will develop hygiene and sociability habits. 

Support SLM School Meals ALG’s most ambitious individual project in Mozambique – bring a daily great help to more than 800 children! Please contact us for more details.

ALG has been offering this festive calendar to all ALG friends since 2011. This year you can also print a high definition version for only 1£!

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