Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2nd: Henriques’ dream “I want to save lives!

Henriques Ausendo Tivane, has 11 years old and he attends the São Vicente de Paulo School, in Chokwé, were he is integrated in the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme. He is a well behaved hard working student. He likes to read and write and his favourite subject is Portuguese.

In one of the ALG After Class Support classes taught in the beginning of the year by the local ALG volunteers, Cristiana Reis and Patrícia Mesquita, he was elected best student of the day after reading the story “Gisela Amarela” to his classmates. He coloured several drawings, made a dictation with no errors and made a beautiful drawing. For his commitment and enthusiasm on that day he won an award – a lunchbox!

Henriques’ dream is to be a doctor and work at a hospital. “I want to save lives” he confided to the local volunteers!
São Vicente de Paulo School After Class Support was a project to which these two local volunteers dedicated a great deal of their time during their visit in 2015. They were very successful in implementing the system of offering a symbolic gift to the most successful, assiduous and well behaved student of each day, thus motivating the children to be brilliant students. After Class Support gives children the enthusiasm of learning and the comfort of a well-deserved snack.

ALG After Class Support are educational spaces designed to support schoolchildren. The access is free and post-classes for deprived communities with low schooling rates. It is mainly composed by UPG Portugal Sponsored children, usually the more underprivileged children of the school/area in SLM, SVP and neighbourhoods in Chongoene Mission. These children have learning and sociability difficulties, usually they suffer from hunger and tend to abandon school. This programme seeks to improve their academic education and promote habits and interest for study to avoid future school abandonment.

For an annual cost of £1.824 ALG finances After Class Support in these two schools, benefiting 141 children in St. Luísa de Marillac and 160 in S. Vicente de Paulo. This project improves the education quality and promotes a higher interest to study, avoiding school abandonment by extremely vulnerable children.

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