Wednesday, December 23, 2015

23rd: Flying to visit our Little Heroes

Our Charity benefits from the TAP Donate Miles initiative that flies staff from headquarters at our sister-charity in Lisbon to Mozambique. Air miles generously donated by TAP clients allow us to travel to our local projects in Mozambique at a much reduced price.  These regular visits to our Local Partners improve our control of expenditures and of the evolution of new and ongoing projects.
TAP air miles flew Joana P. (Projects) in April and Marta J. (Fundraising) in October to Mozambique, always accompanied by “Mamã” Anabela Nina, Head of UPG Sponsoring Department and for many the “voice” of our presence on the ground.

It was during that April trip that our team “found” little heroes on their way to Maputo. Today, as we get closer to the festive days ahead, join us to share a moment of reflexion on these heroes...
“Today we tell a different story. We returned to Maputo for a few more meetings. In Xai-Xai, we had thunder and rain all night long, with the typical intensity of a tropical storm. In the comfort of our beds we cannot stop thinking about our children when we are so well aware of the quality of their huts.
Along the road, way before 7 a.m., children of all ages walk, alone or in groups, under heavy rain, with no umbrella or protection. The few who have a backpack still manage to protect their note pads and books. The clothes (inadequate) will eventually dry out, on their bodies, at school throughout the day...

Little heroes, who with an empty stomach, and under heavy rain or heat do not stop walking long distances, on a daily basis, in search for a better future.
They are used to these circumstances, but for us it is heart-breaking to realise the difficulties they face at such a young age.

We cannot change the world, but every Little Gesture counts and is a Great Help!”

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