Saturday, December 19, 2015

19th: Belide, a role model in the SLM Day Care Centre

Belide Borge is a 14 years old orphan infected by HIV/AIDS. When he was admitted at the centre he had asthma and wounds on his head. Always on time at the HIV Day Care Centre, he plays a lot and he’s finally healthy eating his meals with appetite. Belide is also very bright, he’s in the 5th grade during the morning period in SLM. He has a remarkable attendance record and a stellar school behaviour. His grades are 16 and 17 at Maths and Sciences. We are so proud of Belide, he’s the best student at the Centre!

The HIV Day Care Centre is another ambitious project in SLM in which ALG embarked on by the end of 2013. It provides a complete bespoke programme to HIV/AIDS infected children in an area with a high incidence of the illness. For £23.659 annually or £61/month per child in 2015, this programme guarantees proper nutrition, medication control and constant medical assistance for 32 children, with future capacity for 50 children. With this centre ALG wishes to relieve local poverty and to provide a dignified and healthier childhood to seriously ill children.

The children at the centre are still infected by the virus but they are stronger, cherished, fit to study and very, very playful! Bring this project forward to the social responsibility area of your company or spread the word among friends. Please contact us for more details!

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