Thursday, December 6, 2018

Day 6 – Presents Creating Smiles

Over the years we decided to ask our generous sponsors not to post packages with presents to our local operations, as they often take too long to arrive but mostly because many times they don’t arrive at all. Another reason we try to avoid packaging is due to the high cost of collecting the parcel at the local post offices.

As a solution we have created a BIRTHDAY FUND to our children. This fund varies according to the years, but it always includes a few useful articles for the children: in the past it included a backpack, school material or a mat. This package is locally prepared to be delivered to the child and, besides creating smiles, it is another way of encouraging the local economy. We always send the donors a picture of the children with their gifts. 
If the donors wish to give a more personal gift, we have the EXTRA SPONSORING option: each child sponsor transfers the desired amount for the intended present, and the ALG Local Technician and the child’s family then visit the local shops and buy the present they need and like: Happy times! This event is documented with pictures that are shared with the donor in question.

These two possibilities are reaching out more children every year. At our Charity we believe this is the best alternative for our numerous generous donors who wish to celebrate our children´s special occasions with joy!

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