Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Day 18 – Thank you ALG Volunteers

Who is Lara, Patricia, Catarina, João Garcia, Carina, João and Nuno?
These are amazing young volunteers who dedicated their effort, time and energy to help ALG.
In 2018 we had 7 volunteers on the ground, with their hearts and souls, willing to do some hard work. With their skills they joined forces with our Local Partners and Technicians in Mozambique and made a difference.
Our volunteers developed all sorts of work and initiatives which included: after class study support, promotion and encouragement of youngsters, training Local Technicians, building houses and latrines … They are crucial to strengthen and innovate our intervention. We also have to mention the volunteers that help us throughout the year, at Headquarters, and who are essential for our daily operations. Busy days, but filled of joy, ALG is doing more and better with the cooperation and generosity of volunteers.
A heartfelt thank you to you all.
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