Friday, December 14, 2018

Day 14 – Rebuilding lives, brick by brick

2018 was a year full of new structures which brought a new shine to the daily life of several families. We built new homes for 7 families - 5 in Manjangue and 2 in Xai-Xai.
The construction work was a laborious period carried out jointly with our Sisters, local Technicians Hélder and Orcídio, our Local Coordinator Hilário and the contractors. Now our children and their families have a safe home and a proper latrine with adequate sanitary conditions that contribute for healthier living conditions.
If families now have a more dignified daily life it is thanks to the gestures that supported ALG in this journey. In 2018, we raised c.£.2000 for Housing programmes that enable our children to grow healthy and to foresee a brighter future.
Thank you, donors, for helping ALG building homes!  

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