Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Day 12 - Welcome back Edson!

Edson Agostinho Bila from São Vicente de Paulo is a Sponsored child from our Portuguese sister-charity UPG who uses a wheel chair!
In June he broke his leg and was prevented from moving for a few months! We were heart-broken. Due to increasing difficulties Edson has had a strong follow-up because we want to make sure that, despite all the difficulties felt, he will achieve his goals!
In October we received the GOOD NEWS that “our” Edson returned to School!
Throughout the 2nd semester many colleagues, Local Technician Mano Jaime and Local Coordinator Hilário Langa visited Edson and kept him up-to speed with the 5th grade subjects. In the meantime, Edson recovered and now he moved on to the 6th grade! Everything is possible with will power.
Edson is an example for his colleagues and friends, and also for all of us!

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