Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 9. Regina, growing happy and healthy after the crisis!

After the floods of January 2013, in Mozambique, Regina’s house was selected to be rebuilt. The family hut where she lives with her parents, her brother and a cousin, was in severely bad shape. The family was living under inhumane conditions. ALG rebuilt not only the hut but also the latrine, providing them a dignified and healthy environment for her family to live in and to promote Regina’s development.
The funding for this family hut (at a cost of £779) was fully secured by the ALG Emergency Flood Fund, which relied on the noteworthy contribution of Cascais City Council (CCC), along with Xai-Xai City.
The Housing initiative gives children more than just a roof. Through the housing rehabilitation, the right to Nourishment and a Home is fulfilled as per the Universal Children’s Rights Declaration. A clean and proper a meal space, and the inclusion of a better latrine, enables a significant improvement in the health and hygiene conditions, sheltering the children from the weather conditions and promoting better daily hygiene habits. Finally, a dignified place to shelter children promotes their psycho-social development and feelings of protection, comfort and safety.
From £780 to fund a family hut, ALG secures the improvement of the living conditions of these families through the creation of a safe clean space, with basic health and hygiene conditions, which allow children to grow in a happy and healthy way. Our aim is to improve degraded family huts and to break the local poverty cycle.
Support the construction of and ALG family hut – give a Great Help to Mozambique! Contact us for more details.
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