Friday, December 26, 2014

Day 25. This year with YOUR help we supported 2’852 people. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

In December 2014, 877 children are supported directly through UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme. Each child is allocated to a sponsor and is guaranteed access to school a basic basket or lunch, depending on the project. Besides de material goods, the children feel cherished and important, because many miles away someone is thinking about them and transforming their lives every month by securing their meals.

In parallel with the Sponsoring Programme, the Projects area complement and extends the solidary intervention of Sponsoring, supporting directly 1’975 beneficiaries in 2014. This area has grown immensely the launch of A Little Gesture UK, founded in 2011. Alongside the immediate relief to poverty secured by the Sponsoring programme, we believe it is important to provide the right “tools” to break the cycle of poverty, to develop local community competences and to allow families and children to live in better conditions.

In 2014 our dream of supporting an HIV Day Care Centre in SLM came true. The Centre, with customized meals and medical support for up to 50 children, already has 23 registered children in 2014. Our Elderly Fund offers 11 elders a monthly Basic Basket with food, providing care and attention to people who have been around for quite a while and now are alone in the world.

In the Education area we supported two Pre-Schools with 167 children between 3-5 years old, and After-Classes support for 306 youngsters willing to study. We helped 12 young University Scholarship Holders to fulfil their dream of higher education and 119 moms to learn how to read and write their name in the ALG Literacy Courses. We financed an ambitious programme of School Meals for 802 children at the dynamic school of SLM.

In the area of Infrastructures, we built 4 huts, a latrine and a kitchen, with the support of private donors, benefiting 20 people.

In the Sustainability area the Income generation programme supports two projects – Brick Production and Community IT Centre – which were created by two ALG local Technicians. These projects are aimed not only to generate income, but also to provide services and support to the community. We also support the Income Generation activities for 12 Mums helping them in their small scale businesses. We also continue the investment in Technical Education in SLM, where around 500 youngsters develop technical skills and learn trades such as candle and soap production, arts and crafts or agriculture techniques.

ALG grows day by day. We have more and more Friends and Sponsors who reach us by word of mouth; companies who welcome us through their employees, several contacts through the social media. In 2014, on our two Facebook pages alone we reached over 22 thousand friends who support and spread the word for our cause. But we want more, a lot more. Each new ALG friend brings a potential sponsor, a campaign, and love to another underprivileged child in Mozambique. 

Thank you to all of you who help us making ALG dream of changing the lives of children, families, youngsters and elderly, come true!


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