Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 3. Silvestre: launching Crowdfunding @ALG

Young Silvestre dreams about launching the first ALG Project based on crowdfunding – a small brick production facility.
You know why this project is so special for ALG and especially for our Founder Sara Vicente?
Silvestre is 30 years old and orphan. When ALG met him, aged 25, his future had no brilliant prospects. At the time he was helping Sister Lídia with the UPG Portugal Sponsoring at the SLM School. He was in charge of collecting information on the children, visiting them, looking for the ones who missed school and producing reports on these daily events. As an ALG Local Technician Silvestre made the sponsoring programme look so simple.
One day Sister Lídia told us he wanted to go to University, he had good grades and because university was close by, he could continue his work with the children. But for ALG this was unknown territory. Not only he would be the first scholarship holder but there was also a high amount involved to be supported by ALG (>£1’000 per year). We were aware that there would be students we would want to help to go further on their studies, so we decided to consider the financing of University Scholarships a new opportunity.
Silvestre and another two students embarked on this life changing journey. Silvestre’s scholarship had a special meaning for our Trustee and Founder Sara Vicente and her husband who financed it. Throughout the years it was gratifying for everybody to observe Silvestre’s evolution and effort. His will to learn and dedication were quite obvious. Besides this mission Silvestre became a father nevertheless, his dedication to ALG never runs low. His aim is to provide a better future for himself and his family.
When he presented his Income Generation project, just before getting his degree, we were not surprised, we were actually expecting it. Aware of the difficulties communities face, due to the vulnerability and poor quality of the housing, Silvestre decided his new project would be the implementation of a small Brick Production Facility. This project will allow the improvement of the local living conditions and create jobs. As chairman of the Local Youngsters Association, Silvestre is responsible for this project. The Association’s Youngsters have a strong sense of social responsibility and committed immediately to voluntarily build dignified housing for the community’s elders.
After some consideration ALG could not remain indifferent to this request and decided to help. For us the development of the communities is crucial for their independence.
The international fund raising for this campaign is running online, at the crowdfunding platform indiegogo, but everybody can contribute immediately with small donations online, or directly to ALG. With an estimated investment of £2,762 (to be returned within 6 months) to build the facilities and to purchase materials, this small project is significant step to break the local poverty cycle.

Let’s help Silvestre in this new journey – Find out more here

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