Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 10. Júlio, our latest ALG Uni Scholarship

Júlio has been with ALG since his childhood. He is a good and dedicated student, and his dream was to continue his studies. Recently he was selected as one of the ALG Uni scholarship holders. This year he entered the Engineering and Mineral’s Processing University Degree in the Beira University.
"There are several reasons to be happy for Our Lord’s support: one of them is the fact of being able to continue my studies which would be very problematic without the Little Gesture which means so much to me. Since 2012 we’ve been holding hands with ALG. Today I’m away in Tete, far away from my family, attending the Mineral’s Processing Engineering Degree, but sacrifice has always been a familiar word and I am already getting used to the new accommodation and training.
There are still several children and youngsters who do not have opportunities like this! My major goal is to conclude this degree within the time limit established - 4 years.
A strong hug to all the team and to my sponsors in Cascais City Council! KHANIMAMBO, KHANIMAMBO, KHANIMAMBO. “

The ALG Scholarships offer young dedicated students, like Júlio, the opportunity of concluding their university studies. The ALG Uni Students are preferably students who previously benefited from the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme or youngsters from the local community engaged with ALG as technicians, teachers or volunteers, with proven merit and will to study. These youngsters are usually from Chongoene, Chokwé or Xai-Xai, areas to where they tend to return to after finishing their studies, with skills and a higher degree, to benefit the local community.
Between £830 and £1’320 per year, depending on the degree and location, ALG Scholarships’ finances living expenditures, securing mainly university tuitions, and enrolment fees. In 2014 ALG supported 12 dedicated and committed students to follow their dreams in the areas of Dentistry, Law, Business Management and Administration, Physics Teaching and Accounting. The ALG scholarships fulfil a dreams and changes lives forever.
Support your Uni Scholarship holder like Júlio amongst friends, in your company or individually – bring a Great Help to Mozambique! Contact us for more details.
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