Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 4. The Bungane families received a great gift

The Luís Figo Foundation has been working with our organization for 4 years. Initially they got involved as sponsors of the Cossa family, three orphans from Bungane, under UPG Portugal’s Sponsorship programme. The Foundation then decided to extend their support to the new baby of the family - the lovely Hortênsia.

Our partnership on the ground with soccer legend Luis Figo has been growing and he is always keen to support both UPG and ALG fundraising events. This year, once again, his foundation was not indifferent to the difficult conditions in which the families of their sponsored children’s community live, in the village of Bungane, Chongoene region. With the view to raise the community a bit further from poverty, the LFF financed and distributed wheel barrels to the 18 families in the village, which made the transportation of water jugs easier and even helped small family businesses in transporting goods for sale.

Follow the Luis Figo Foundation example and support an ALG family through your company, Foundation or even between your group of friends. Thank you Luís Figo!

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