Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Starting Again at the Rebirth Orphan Centre!

At the Orphan centre CRPE (aptly named Centre Rebirth for Hope in portuguese!), Father Licinio feels it is time for people to get back on their feet and start their daily routines again, going back to their homes and their farming. They need to start working so they become self-sufficient again!

The land is ready and fertile, waiting to be cultivated. In one month crops of corn, pumpkin and other vegetables should be ready for picking if they are planted now. It is time for the families to clean their homes and slowly slowly "plant" their roots! A way to overcome yet another difficulty in their challenging lives.

With the support of A Little Gesture, Volunteer Sonia, a good friend in Maputo, is organizing a donation of bags of seeds for beans and corn crops. Today Father Licinio will load everything he can from this campaign and take it to the CRPE in his car. He is being helped by two other local religious organizations, the Sisters of Machel and Father Paulo from the Salvatorian Priests, who have lent him two extra cars.

Together we will help rebuild the life of these families!

Help our emergency appeal by making your donation here

Every Little Gesture Counts! 

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