Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Encouraging news from Silvestre and Hilario

The ALG Local Technicians in our schools S. Luisa Marillac (Silvestre) and S. Vicente Paulo (Hilario) have sent us some more encouraging news:
"I am well, together with my family, though still very frightened about the constant news of more rain coming over the next days. We do hope it does not come to ruin the little that has been tidied up so far. As to work, we did our final clean up in the school yesterday, to allow the children to start classes today. We had very few attending but we do hope that more star showing up to resume their studies, as so far they are still spread everywhere after last week's floods." (Silvestre)

As to Hilario, yesterday he went looking for concentrated juice and biscuits as a little treat to a small group of very poor children sponsored by our sister charity, UPG, the Meninos de Hokwe. He made plans to visit them today at 5pm, with his team time treat, to cheer them up a little. He has also spoken with Sister Aida, a new helper in S. Vicente Paulo school so that, as soon as possible, they could go together to the refugee camps in Macia and Chiaquelane to track the missing children from our sponsoring programme.

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