Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meanwhile, in Xai-Xai, travel remains a challenge...

Yesterday, road traffic between the south and the rest of Mozambique was again interrupted due to the collapse of a bridge over National Road Nr1. This obstacle was at the entrance of Xai-Xai, 8th neighbourhood, in the province of Gaza. This situation was eminent according to Cecilio Grachane, head of the National Road Administration in the country. He explained to Radio Mozambique that since the dam protecting the town was destroyed, the strong waters overflowing from the Limpopo river for two weeks are now crossing over the bridge and eventually destroyed it. 

Official efforts are now underway to fix the road spots with bigger erosion from the waters but overall traveling remains changeling in the region. This further hinders our capacity to bring food and basic goods to the more isolated areas in the Xai-Xai area in a speedy and effective way....

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