Monday, February 11, 2013

Mozambique Floods - Testimonial from Sister Lidia at S Luisa Marilac

Week of 4 - 8 february

"The waters have lowered here in Manjangue, before they did in Chokwe town, and immediately we started cleaning up. Sister Maria do Ceu led the efforts and as soon as the families started returning she tried to include some mothers and students in the operation. It is very hard work as everything is covered in mud and clay. Clothes and papers are difficult to use again. Much has been saved: computers, photocopiers, student documents. Everything left at street level was taken by the waters. As the children escaped from the waters, many of their school uniforms, clothes and school material are gone too. There is a terrible hunger situation now. With the support we received we bought food supplies and we are supporting the children in worst situation, HIV patients and the ones left alone with elderly grandmothers withot any confitions.

Sister Esperanca (a nurse) is giving assistance to the patients, in their homes and in Brother Licinio, at the CRPE Orphan Centre. They are taking their medication correctly, she controls it very well. We will see everyone's recovery, everything will take a while. But we are very united and with courage. now we have to work on solidarity to be able to start life all over again

I feel very sorry for Sister Neusa at SVP school. The water in that area (S. Vicente Paulo-Chokwe) was really too much and arrived with no warning. There was no time to salvage anything or stock in higher places. Cleaning is still in progress as the water took a long time to lower. We will keep you informed as to the evolution within the next few days. We are faithfully hoping that situation will not get ugly again. In fact the news we keep received sometimes are contradictory as to a new opening of the dams.

As to S. Luisa Marillac, when we start school again, we would like to start feeding a daily soup to the children. They have no food at all nor means and the money to buy it with. The only available place for “shopping” and were some goods are available is in Macia (60kms away). All is gone with the floods.

United in our prayers and mutual help"
Ir. Lidia

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