Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bartolomeu loses his house...

Bartolomeu is a Local Technician in our project of Banhine and lives in Xai Xai – exactly in the city's downtown area that became submersed.  His week became even more sad as his grandfather just passed away. Bartolomeu lives under very strained financial conditions. He had managed a small advance from his salary to purchase a computer, so he could advance on his studies, but he ended up having to sell it. He is one of university scholarship students in Xai-Xai. His scholarship finances his studies and a small salary as technician, but the money is not always enough, especially when he was trying to buy his computer.

Now Bartolomeu is facing yet another adversity. With the floods hitting Xai-Xai last week, his mother's house where he lived was completely destroyed. That area was one of the first to get affected and they lost most of the little possessions they had.

Bartolomeu sent us a message...

"Good morning! The floods is banhine went almost unnoticed. I am under a sad situation thouh as my mother's house was totally flooded and she lost practically everything... I send you pictures of her house. I wish you a good week..."

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