Thursday, April 14, 2016

Little Gesture really changes EVERYTHING!

These have turned out to be the most different and touching “holidays" I ever had in my life!

My name is Jesuina and I joined UPG Portugal’s sponsorship programme 5 years ago. I am the proud “godmother” of two girls, one in Bungane and one in Nhancutse. Now that I am finally on the ground in Mozambique with Anabela, Head of Sponsoring and Operations at UPG Portugal, I have not yet left and already I feel the urge to return here!

Our arrival was lovely. While I came full of expectations in my heart, none of them have failed me so far. Yesterday I discovered the school of Sao Vicente Paulo and today Santa Luisa Marillac, where ALG has its two biggest individual programmes (Feeding and HIV centre). The smiles carried by these children, their constant hugs, make me be sure that a Little Gesture really changes EVERYTHING!

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