Thursday, April 28, 2016


Our Technician and Scholarship holder Hélder, supported by Cascais City Hall since 2013, keeps sending us heartfelt testimonials to thank all the help he has been receiving. Here’s another one:

How are you?
Everything is ok with me, thank God! I’m writing this message to express my gratitude for your support. Not only it enables me to attend university, but with your help I’m acquiring a wider sense of the impact studies have on one’s life.
Things are quite simple when you are able to observe the world from a wider perspective and when you try to make the world a better place than it was before. When you try to share your experiences to make others see how important it is to contribute towards the construction of a modern society, free of the addictions that afflict young people all over the world.
Life is the great “MASTER” of all times, and despite being a late student and only learning when “IT” considers appropriate, I have learned many things that are worth sharing with others. Many say like father like son, nevertheless I think not all of us are as “alike” as the idiom states. I think life gives us all a “MOMENT TO SHINE”, and each one has the capacity of using it well or let it slip away.
People have the chance of helping others in need. Thus, since 2013 CASCAIS CITY HALL has been contributing immensely for making my life so different from my parents’ life, and from the lives of others surrounding me. But this does not mean that I cannot help them in return. On the 18th of April at SÃO TOMAS DE MOÇAMBIQUE UNIVERSITY, where I’m attending the 1st semester of the 4th year of Law, I was selected as the best student of my class. This allowed me to start my internship at the University facilities, providing assistance in matters related with domestic violence, land ownership conflicts and suicides.
On the other hand, we have A LITTLE GESTURE A GREAT HELP through which Cascais City Hall is able to help me on my learning journey. This organization has done everything to support the beneficiaries in a timely and efficient manner which is a noble and positive gesture.
For this reason and for other initiatives developed by ALG and CASCAIS CITY HALL, I hereby leave my heartfelt thank you, hoping that similar actions continue to help many others worldwide …
Thank you!
A big hug to all!

Hélder Machel"

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