Sunday, April 28, 2013

A visit to pre-school Flor da Infância

When we arrived, we were received in a very organised way by the children and the teachers. They were all waiting for us and started singing welcome songs the moment we walked into the school. Afterwards, they sang to us other songs and told us 2 stories as the teachers helped along. 'Mana Carla', from the UPG team (and on her first visit to the ground) also sang along and added a choreography which the children attentively watched with a smile in their face that makes one want to hug them with tenderness!

The school has 2 class rooms with wood chairs and chalkboards, an admin room, an entrance that works as a temporary canteen, and a small kitchen where the Cook serves the food to the plates, and a girl's toilet. Outside, there is the full kitchen and a boy's toilet.

We were there during lunch, which was maize (chima) and beans that day. Everyone ate what they had in their plate and there were no leftovers! Here, the little you give, be it food or just small tickles, has a dimension of comfort and joy expressed in large smiles, a look filled with curiosity and a face full of tenderness from each xinwanani (child in Changana)

By Mana Carla

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