Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Virginia's birthday challenge!

To celebrate her birthday Virgínia decided to raise funds to finance “Granny” Maria's hut. These are her words:

"I’m so very happy for my new home, I cannot walk because I am disabled, but that does not prevent me from working on a little farming plot donated to me by the church (a farming plot close to her house). On the plot, depending on the season, I plant cassava, corn, peanuts and when it rains I’m truly blessed! Despite being so close, going to the farming plot is very difficult for me. On the days I cannot go, I stay at home and look after the small local crops I have (she has orange trees, mango trees and pineapples). Although rain is a blessing, when it was too heavy I’m used to become very worried, especially at night because everything in the house got wet, my blankets, my small bed, food… everything! Now I’m very happy for my new house, and I can sleep peacefully without being worried about raining!”
Kanimambo Virgínia!

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