Thursday, May 19, 2016

A lifetime’s journey

After taking her time to assimilate and absorb everything “godmother” (UPG Portugal Sponsor) Ju, who accompanied Anabela and Sonia to visit the projects in Mozambique, send us a summary.

A lifetime’s journey
Although it wasn’t a dream trip, this was a dream come true, which due to several circumstances only now was possible to achieve.
I’ve known a fair bit of the world, there are places I would like to come back to, but the trip to the inner and real Mozambique will stay with me forever.
When I embarked on this trip, although I had a fair idea of what was expecting me, but reality surpassed my imagination, on the positive and on the negative side. When I met my “goddaughter” Clarência, I was overwhelmed by mixed feelings – a massive joy for finally meeting her, and a heart-breaking sadness to see her living conditions.  
My other "goddaughter" – Cristina, although equally underprivileged and orphan, seemed happier.

In summary my goal was met and my dream came true. I’m thankful to ALG for allowing me to contribute with a small drop to the ocean of the ones in need. My blessings for your effort to reduce the suffering of that population.

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