Friday, May 1, 2015

The evolution of Silvestre’s brick production project!

Silvestre showing the furnace where the bricks are produced    
On the 14th of April, UPG Portugal team and volunteers visited Silvestre once more, our famous brick master!

The bricks produced by the team
In the begging of this year, Silvestre initiated the first phase of a brick production project, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and to a fund raising initiative by our Chairwoman Sara.
Silvestre works with a team of 18 youngsters, from a local association, who besides studying/working also dedicate some of their time to this project, producing an average of 750 bricks per day!
Part of the bricks produced is for sale, but the team also sets some of the production aside to donate for underprivileged families, namely the elderly community in Xinhacanine, where the production site is located.
Their goal is to reach a production volume of 1000 bricks a day, as soon as they can manage to invest in more goods, and they are also building the facilities where the production site will be located. It will be nearby a lagoon in order to be able to use the water. There are also plans to establish a partnership with the community’s potter.

Congratulations are in order for Silvestre and his team for their entrepreneurial spirit and for their dedication to the local community!

Silvestre and part of his team, with Anabela Nina and Joana Pereira (UPG Portugal) and Hilário Langa (ALG General Coordinator in Mozambique).

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