Sunday, May 24, 2015

A short life story of the lovely Sister Sidónia!

Sister Sidónia Mário Alfândega was born on the 17th of September 1991 in the Ile district, Zambezi province. Her parents Mário Alfândega and Eugénia Ovesse had five children and father is a farmer and the mother is a teacher.
Sister Sidónia began her primary education in 2000 at Santa Isabel School where she studied up to the 7th grade. She was considered the best student of her class and of the school several times and she was awarded for her good grades. Sister Sidónia remembers she loved to study, and she learned to read and pray, with her mother, when was very young.
Sister Sidónia told us she started to feel the calling of God in 2007, after concluding her primary studies. She entered the convent in January 2008 where she concluded her secondary education.
The postulancy came in 2011 and in September of the following year she was admitted in the Daughters of Charity Sisterhood where she stay two years in discernment process.
Later she was sent to the Manjangue community, in the Gaza province where she works currently in the HIV Day Care Centre.
Sister Sidónia is in charge of the centre’s daily supervision, welcoming over 30 HIV/AIDS affected children. She loves IT and also enjoys embroidery and soon she will star teaching this skill within the scope of ALG technical courses.

Welcome to the ALG family Sister Sidónia! 

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