Thursday, April 16, 2015

Patricia, volunteer with UPG, shares her first views of the ground

"Chongoene, April 2015

We have just arrived and already have so many adventures to tell! Everything here is a challenge. Each day we face and win another battle, with the help of the good vibes from this land. The scents, colours, flavours, and smiles inspire us every minute of the day.
 Patricia F. with UPG Portugal staff Anabela N., Joana P. and Sister Aparecida, Local Partner in Chongoene

We already visited the Sisters House in Maputo, where we were welcomed as family. We also visited the Little School of André in Xai-Xai where we also had a warm reception. Sisters Beta and Aparecida are the best hostesses ever, always worried about our wellbeing adaptation and, above all, always in a good mood!
Now we are saying goodbye to Chongoene. 

Tomorrow we will head out to our final destination – Chokwé! We are eager to start working and contribute to the “Great Help” ALG is providing to these Mozambican children, proudly witnessed by all the local partners we have been meeting.

To be part of all this is a privilege! To be able to help such a trustworthy and successful Charity like sister-charities UPG and ALG gives life a new meaning!"

Patricia and Cristinana will stay for 2 months helping our projects and travelled with a team of 2 staff members from UPG Portugal visiting the local operations.

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