Monday, April 20, 2015

Little Heroes on the Road to Maputo

This Monday we tell you a different tale.

We* returned to Maputo for more meetings. In Xai-Xai the weather was scary overnight with heavy thunderstorms and all the downpours of a typical tropical storm. In the comfort of our simple beds, it is hard not to think of our ALG children, knowing as we do the miserable quality of their family huts.

Along the road, still before 7am, we see children of all ages walking, from tiny tots to the older ones, alone or in small groups. They walk under the heavy rain, unguarded and unprotected. The few carrying school bags, still manage to protect their books and notepads. Their (inadequate) clothes will eventually dry, in their bodies, at school, throughout the day...

Little heroes that, empty bellies and under strong sun or heavy rain, will still walk for miles to school, daily, searching for a better future.

They will be more used to the difficult circumstances  For us, it is still very touching to realise how challenging their life is since they are born.

We cannot change the world at once, but every Little Gesture counts and is a Great Help!
Together for the Children

Ana Nina, Head of Sponsoring and Operations UPG Portugal

17th April 2015

* The ALG and UPG Portugal team visiting local operations

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