Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Great Little Fighter

Laura Cuna is a 13 years old HIV-positive girl, who attends ALG HIV Day Centre in Manjangue, Chokwé.  In 2018, Laura faced a very difficult period.

On the 12th of October Laura´s mum, Zaida Cuna, passed away. D. Zaida was HIV positive and for the last months was suffering of severe sickness episodes. Being already orphan from dad side, Laura became orphan from both parents. 

Laura and her siblings are now living with their grandma. After her mum passed away, Laura was deeply sad, and she was showing signs of frustration, anguish and depression. She stopped playing with the other children and started to isolate herself. 

The ALG Local Partner, Technician and Physiologist being aware of Laura´s fragility started to interfere to help Laura overcome this difficult period.

Everyone at the centre started to ensure that Laura would never be alone, and everyone tried to cheer her up. By the end of the year Laura started to show signs of improvements and now she already talks and plays with the other children, and even started to smile again. At this moment, Laura is preparing to start the 5th year at school. 

We are so proud of Laura and we cannot wait to see her smiling and shining this year!  

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