Saturday, November 3, 2018

Elisio grew...

Elisio is from Mozambique!
Elisio is from Xai Xai!
Elisio was part of the ALG sponsorship program for 12 years!
Elisio is an example for the youngest!
Elisio attended two technical courses and gives us this testimony that we share and that fills us with so much pride and give us the will to have more kids like him.
“I was at IFPELAC attending a construction painter course with the ALG support.
At the beginning nothing seemed simple, but when I was about to finish the course…I saw that I had more of me to give and that this was the beginning of a life changing.
I was blessed with feet that allowed me to walk and to follow in a way that I was able to fight poverty that has been in my family for years…
Today with the painting abilities I gained with the course I have jobs here and there that help me to take food to home, support my father that already fought a lot for me and for my younger sisters.
After I finished the course I was given a scholarship for a carpentry course and so I continue my formation at IFPELAC to acquire more knowledge.
For this and for so more that ALG made for me I appreciate and let an appeal to the youngest that are still in formation or that are still at the basic or middle school to continue so that one day they can be independent and able to contribute for change in their families!
For so many years ALG was my mother and father…Thank you so much!
ElĂ­sio Alexandre Muhale – Construction Painter”

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