Monday, August 6, 2018

A different month, a different guest in HIV Day Center!

In July we had a very special volunteer, the psychologist Ácio! With this week coming to an end, Ácio has completed 1 month of volunteering full of success, valuable contributions and smiles.
Ácio has been working in our HIV Day Center, located inside the School of Santa Luisa Marillac, having as main goal to guide our children giving quality and specialized support.
The psychologist Ácio has contributed to the monitoring of the children with a new approach working at the psychological, emotional and academic level.
During the activities the methodologies and materials used were various such as didactic materials, games and ludic activities to stimulate affectivity, interaction and social insertion, logical and abstract cognitive, the use of the Portuguese Language, confidence and the academic potential of the children.

A big THANKS for the hard work and dedication of the volunteer Ácio!


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