Thursday, July 28, 2016

Young and Hungry

Today was the monthly distribution of basic food baskets to the families of this community. When we arrived to the school, we found kids and their respective families, eager to get the baskets.

Among dozens of children were two boys listening to a rap song and singing the lyrics with an amazing passion. While the boys were singing, a staff member from the school named OrcĂ­dio, the local coordinator of ou NGO there, told us they were the ones who created those songs. We froze! The songs looked like they were made by real rappers! “These kids are talented, we need to talk with them” we said.

We asked if they had streamed them online or somewhere where we could follow them. But they told us they were struggling with the video production and sharing it online (because the internet here is not that accessible). They´re a rap duo and they definitely have the hunger to succeed.  They gather every money they make to create these songs with a local producer. 150 meticais (about 2 euros) to go to a studio to record each song. All the lyrics were written by them. It is amazing to see kids fighting for what they dream. We were hectic, we need to help them!

We offered ourselves to convert the songs for videos and upload them on YouTube. They looked at each other as if they had signed a million dollar contract.

So now you can find them on Youtube, search: "A% layz ft kid crayz & chin fayt on the gost - Block soldier". Next week we will show them the videos, let´s hope they like it. Check their songs on Youtube!

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