Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Gil!

Gil, our Uni Scholarship student, sent us a little testimonial. 

"I’m sending this email to say thank you for ALG’s help in making my dream come true. With or without work, now my dream came true and, with the Grace of Our Lord, I’m sure I will be able to achieve a job or a specialization of some sort.
I’m proud to give my testimony regarding the huge intellectual, social and academic help ALG has provided me.
I’m lost for words to describe my satisfaction and the great luck of being worthy of your trust. All I can do is to say khanimambo to ALG, khanimambo to Cascais, khanimambo to all the aunties, khanimambo to the Sisters, and khanimambo to everyone who, directly or indirectly, helped me to get to where I’m today."

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