Friday, February 26, 2016

New latrines in Banhine

Today the last family latrines in Banhine had started to be constructed.
CMC donated £13’423 in funds to UPG in 2013 for reconstruction efforts in the areas affected by the 2013 floods in the Xai-Xai region. Within the scope of this recovery carried out during these two years, in the impoverished communities, in 2015 ALG developed a micro-programme of Basic Sanitation through Latrines in the region. Last year we applied £1'933 to build 17 family latrines, benefiting UPG Portugal Sponsored children in the Nhancutse community, Xai-Xai district. In the neighbouring community of Bungane we invested  £478 to benefit 6 families. This year we extend this programme to the Banhine community in order to benefit 13 families, always with funds provided by CMC for the Post-Floods Reconstruction, where we invested 1'727£.
This basic sanitation programme has the goal of improving the living conditions of children and their families, living in very basic huts and usually with no sanitation, through the provision of basic single-family latrines.
The provision of dignified housing and a latrine fulfils the Right to Housing foreseen in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It allows children to grow and live in a healthy and safe environment. Housing promotes the psychosocial development, feelings of protection, comfort and safety.
In the rural areas the population has four times lesser probability of using improved sanitation infrastructures and 39% of Mozambican population does not have a latrine. This way diseases are easily and quickly spread ending up by resulting even in deaths, mostly children.
Let’s break the cycle of poverty in Mozambique with better sanitation and health. Please support the construction of ALG Sanitation infrastructures – bring a great help to Mozambique! Please contact us for more details.

The continuous support provided by CMC (Cascais City Hall) to UPGPortugal brings hygiene, health and dignity to rural communities in Xai-Xai!

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