Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gil Total Challenge

Gil, our Uni Scholarship student continues to surprise us. We have just received his latest news, full of energy !!

"Hello Tias (Aunts) How are you? I'm fine, full of news ...
In the first week of June I was informed that someone had submited my name in a Singing Contest on STV televion in Maputo. Eventually I found out that my good friends and colleagues from the University had done the trick.

I passed on all regional stages and was determined to reach the Nationals. Of the 500 people competing only 4 were selected to go to Maputo. The University authorized me to travel on June 17th to represent the northern region of Mozambique. The contestants had music, singing, dancing and stage performance lessons. The program's name is Total Challenge (Desafio Total).
They attributed us musics from all corners of the world to present on the big stage of the Cine Africa. 

After being there for a whole month I did not go to the final because the University called me back to Nampula to continue my trainee work...
I actually felt quite sad (and frustrated) since the teachers, television team and many other people, enjoyed my performance. 
Anyhow I was happy to be there and the experience was very fulfilling. I learnt a lot and became quite well known. I designed my own clothes as well as for some of my colleagues' from the academy, appreciated many people.

Thank you very much for all Tias (Aunts). Khanimambo"

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