Friday, July 17, 2015

It’s never too late to learn!

Despite her advanced age, Grandma Belinha does not let herself to be overcome by difficulties and 3 days a week she attends the first year of the Literacy course in Banhine. Although she has more difficulties with the Portuguese language, she’s one of the top 3 best students at Math’s class!

The ALG Literacy courses aim to help women like Grandma Belinha to learn how to read and write, so they can help their children studying. Learning to write their names, read in Portuguese or learn how to add and subtract numbers, allowed these women to closely monitor their children and grandchildren and also helped them to improve their family business wich they are mostly the main driving.

At a cost of £20 ALG pays a hole year of a Literacy course to 1 of 117 young mothers or grandmothers who inspire us with their willpower and dedication, like Grandma Belinha.

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