Sunday, February 22, 2015

ALG Quiz III raises £2'825 towards our Mozambique pre-schools!

The third edition of the ALG Quiz Night was held on the 25th of January in Rosso Pomodoro Chelsea in support of the ALG Pre-Schools for >150 children in Mozambique.

It was a brilliant and fun occasion gathering 63 friends of our charity for a night of cheerful competition, lovely Italian food and lots of charitable giving.
Under the brilliant Quiz Master Keane Yarish who volunteered to drive the competition, the efforts of Fabiola Bordino in putting the evening together and the hard work of volunteers Alex Simões, Luís de Castro and Mónica P. Pinto, the event raised £2'825 gross in a mix of entry tickets, raffles and straight donations.

Thanks to the generosity of our host venue Rosso Pomodoro and our sponsors who donated to the raffle awards - Ikeda Restaurant, Marysia SWIM, Barefoot Chic, Bodhi, Ana v., Bobstore, Mu Arts, E-Fit UK and I Do Massage - costs were kept at a low 33%, represented by basic food and bank transaction costs.

You helped raised an impressive net amount of £1'882 on the ALG Quiz III. At an average yearly cost of £85 per child, this will help ALG ensure 22 very poor young children receive daily school meals and lots of love&care in 2015. Thank You!

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