Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Centre Reborn to Hope

This week, thirty volunteers gave their best under the rain at Battersea Park and ran for the 160 orphans in CRPE. The Centre is named "Centre Reborn to Hope" and it hosts daily 160 orphans, who receive food, support and technical education under the care of Brother Licinio. The Centre is a day centre located in a water dam village in Chinhacanine, c. 30km from the city of Chokwe. Children range from 1 to 18 and typically live in the neighbourhood with a member of the family. They attend state school across the street and the centre is their basis of support.
Thanks to the 30 volunteers doing their Little Gesture, over £7000 were raised for the food of these children over the next 6 months. With corporate matching and the prize of the creative t-shirt, this may reach £10000, all applied towards their nutrition. 
Thank you to all that made this dream possible!

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