Monday, October 8, 2018

Strenght and Will !

Edson Agostinho Bila, from S. Vicente de Paulo, is one of our little boys, that rides a wheelchair.
In June he broke his leg and was for a few months unable to move. Today we woke up with the good news that "our" Edson got back to school
He still has the 3rd period to get back the time lost.
With strenght and will everything is possible.
Edson is a lesson for all of us, a lesson to all his colleagues and friends !

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Getting Back to School along with Escolinha Sta. Catarina

Join us in the Go Back to School Campaign! In 20 days we fundraised £1.185 - 36% of our final goal which is to fundraise to cover all the rebuilding costs of St Catarina School in Chongoene - £3.350.
We still have  64% of our way left to achieve our big goal! Did you know that with £17 you are contributing with 1 window? And that with £26 you are helping with 1 bucket of paint? Or that with only
£1 you are helping with 1 lamp?

Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Little Great Help

Pedro Arão is not only doing well in his bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management as he also decided to become an ALG volunteer! Pedro is one of our University Students who receive an annual scholarship that allows the students to follow an academic path. To show his gratitude Pedro is helping in the After-School Support Project in the S. Vicente Paulo program. Weekly 225 students from the 2nd to the 12th class attend the After-School Support to receive academic help.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Team work !

ALG is immensely proud to see our Local Technicians growing professionally and a strengthened team spirit is definitely the source of positive impact.
Mano Orcidio, our Local Technician in the dynamic SLM - St. Luisa Marillac school, welcomed Phycologist Ácio from Maputo for a 3-month stint at the school. As a team they grow side by side for the wellbeing of our children. For Orcidio who accumulates lots of different tasks on what is ALG´s single biggest programme - School Feeding, Sponsorship, HIV Centre, etc - Ácio´s extra pair of hands was an amazing gift!
“To be honest in the first day when Ácio arrived in Manjangue, I doubted about his professional abilities and skills. Fortunately, Ácio was a big surprise and turned to be much better than I was expecting. He is very hard working and he is a very creative and confident person.To work with children from a different community is not an easy task but he manages to work with all the children and everyone likes Mano Ácio.
It is very rare to find a young person with this kind of attitude. What he has learnt at the university he actually uses it and he constantly shows that what really matters to him is practical knowledge and not just the degree and the diploma.”
Orcidio Edú

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Success at ALG !

O Elisio Alexandre Muhale iniciou o seu percurso com a UPG em 2006 quando tinha apena 8 anos. Agora, já um jovem de 20 anos,  é um dos nossos casos de sucesso.
A UPG acompanhou orgulhosamente o crescimento do Elisio dando apoio escolar, alimentação e a construção de uma casa para a família em Chongoene, onde vive com os pais e os irmãos.
No ano passado terminou a 12ª Classe e este ano teve apoio para frequentar um curso técnico-profissional de Pintura de Construção Civil. Em Agosto o Elisio teve a graduação e foi um dos melhores alunos com média final de 17 valores!
Pelo seu excelente desempenho e história, foi agora premiado com uma bolsa oferecida pela delegada Provincial do INEFP ( MINISTÉRIO DO TRABALHO, EMPREGO E SEGURANÇA SOCIAL) para tirar outro curso - o de carpintaria! O Elisio já faz os seus biscates para poder ter a sua independencia.
A UPG acredita que ao continuarmos o nosso acompanhamento  dedicado a vários pontos da vida das crianças, muitos outros casos de sucesso e sustentabilidade irão fazer parte da familia UPG.
Boa sorte nesta nova fase Elisio! 

 2008                                    2012                                      2018

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A new member !

This week ALG welcomed a new staff member!  We are proud to introduce you Psychologist Ácio! A young man from Mozambique that after 1 month as a volunteer is now part of our official staff.  For the next 3 months Psychologist Ácio will be on board to continue his amazing work with our children from the Santa Luísa Marillac  Day Centre – a centre that provides healthcare, nutrition and education to children infected with HIV.

Monday, September 10, 2018

A new begining at Santa Catarina School !

The rebuilding work is finished and so this week we lounged the ALG Community Courses at Santa Catarina School!
In 4 months 15 Mamas will be talented seamstresses and pastry makers! They have started full of enthusiasm, energy and hard-work. 
This new project promotes local empowerment, self-sustainability and female emancipation.


Monday, August 6, 2018

A different month, a different guest in HIV Day Center!

In July we had a very special volunteer, the psychologist Ácio! With this week coming to an end, Ácio has completed 1 month of volunteering full of success, valuable contributions and smiles.
Ácio has been working in our HIV Day Center, located inside the School of Santa Luisa Marillac, having as main goal to guide our children giving quality and specialized support.
The psychologist Ácio has contributed to the monitoring of the children with a new approach working at the psychological, emotional and academic level.
During the activities the methodologies and materials used were various such as didactic materials, games and ludic activities to stimulate affectivity, interaction and social insertion, logical and abstract cognitive, the use of the Portuguese Language, confidence and the academic potential of the children.

A big THANKS for the hard work and dedication of the volunteer Ácio!


Friday, July 20, 2018

News from EFI: the story of Fortunato

The young Abel, hired for hardly a year as our technician in the Pre School Escolinha Flower of Infancy (EFI), continues to increase his involvement in the school. This week he went to visit the child Fortunato.

Abel wanted to understand his behaviour more, as he was trouble in school, not following rules. More problematic, he was often coming to school dirty showing signs he had no care or bath before coming to school.
Abel met his grandmother “Tia Maria” (from the father´s side) who actually works at our pre school as a cook and she told him the sad story of Fortunato. His stepmother does not want the child at home and they dropped Fortunato at his other grandmother (from the mother´s side). However, this lady is blind and unable to cook at home, often eating at the home of relatives, which led Fortunato to often beg for food amongst his neighbours.

In light of this, Tia Maria decided to enrol the child in the Escolinha. The absence of a parent as a younger child means he follows no rules. Tia Maria promised to try harder making him understand the need for rules and obedience. And more importantly, the teachers at the school now understand his background and will also make a double effort.

We keep our fingers crossed for Fortunato and hope this ALG pre-school can help him grow to be an amazing little boy!